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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Memories Suite Review/Giveaway

I have enjoyed this software so much that I think I may make it a regular feature on What Mommy Wants! My Memories Suite has a blog where they post a Wednesday challenge every week with a linky and contest! I entered this weeks challenge "I've Been Framed"

But My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software can be used for so many other things. Amber is taking a Pop Culture class at school. Her assignment last week was to create a 60s slogan button. We used the digital scrapbooking software to design a circular button. I didn't have enough colored ink to print it at home so I transferred it to Jpeg and uploaded it to Walgreens photo and printed a 4x6 photo of it. We cut it out and glued it to a pin back!
This is what it looked like:

I plan on using this awesome scrapbook software to create buttons for my blog! 
I made a quick sample Video too! There's a feature called Fast Fill that lets you select an entire album of photos (it lets you deselect and rotate them) and if puts them in the pages you already inserted! I added word etc. and clicked convert to movie in the multimedia section and viola:

My review video:

The Discount code:
This code gets you $10 off the My Memories Suite v2.0 Software & $10 off the MyMemories.com Store. That's a total of $20 in discounts! You get both all in one code!
share the memories code: STMMMS78545

The Giveaway:

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