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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Charlotte's 1st Birthday Giveaway Gala sneak peek

I have started gathering sponsors for "Charlotte's 1st Birthday Giveaway Gala" and you guys are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE who's coming to the party! Look for a new tab with confirmed sponsors and an opportunity for you to get early entries!!! If you are interested in sponsoring or know a business that may want to join and take advantage of the notoriety of some of the major brands please email me or pass on my email to those interested! I would love to include some knit/crocheted items, and WAHM's as well! 0WhatMommyWants0[at]gmail [dot] com (those are #zeros not letter o's)
Alright here's a couple hints:

  • There are some snowy hills that would like some riders. (insert clever reference to Wham-O toys) ;)
  • the fluffy list is growing (think Fuzzi and GGreen)
  • We will be Rockin the night away...
I have already said too much... stay tuned!

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