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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Passing the Torch- Breastfeeding blog hop with linky!

I have been following this blog hop for several months. As Jen from Life with Levi passes the torch for the Hop to Erin and Lori (The Slacker Mom & The Gnomes Mom) we write this week about passing the torch! This means so many things to everyone. For the purposes of the breastfeeding blog hop it means to me that I am passing the torch of breastfeeding to my daughters.
Amber turned 10 when we told her we were pregnant with Charlotte. Because of her age I am able to share a lot of things with her about taking care of a baby. She is going to remember all of these things when she becomes a mom. The best message I think I have passed on to her is how good breastfeeding is for baby and for mom. She understands how it works, why we feed babies this way and she even knows that at first it hurts, but that it is worth it!
When Amber has her own children I will be "passing the breastfeeding torch" to her!

This is a blog hop so be sure to check out the other posts below! Please feel free to add your own "passing the torch" posts to this linky!


  1. I have a Charlotte, too! Mine is still a baby (okay - a toddler), but I hope someday to teach her about how important breastfeeding is - for mommy and baby. Thank you for sharing!

  2. My Charlotte turned 1 on the 9th! I hope to teach her about breastfeeding too, I'm sure Amber will help with that! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think that is so great that you are able to share that with your daughter. I think the next generation will have so many great influencers when it comes to breastfeeding I hope they can skip some of the stigmas and issues our generation seems to face.

  4. I hope that the next generation is more accepting too. I am seeing that there are a lot of husbands getting in with the support too, like Lori's (the gnomes mom) It shouldn't just be moms fighting, ya know? My mom didn't bf any of us, so I was brought up that bf was abnormal and I am showing my girls the opposite! She really has no idea how formula is made or what it is... We can make a difference one child at a time!


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