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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Converting to Cloth Wipes the beginning

As most you already know I have been cloth diapering Charlotte since she was about 5 months old. We (mostly me) love the fluff! However, it has been challenging to convert completely to cloth wipes! Currently we are a combo family, meaning we use cloth and disposable wipes.
Mostly I use the disposable wipes for messy diapers and cloth for just about every pee diaper. I think I am the only one in the house using the cloth wipes. I know Amber has used them once or twice. Here's the gross part; because I use disposable wipes for poopy diapers and there is no disposable diaper to wrap them up in, where do I put the wipe? In a trash can next to the changing table. Here's the interesting thing; it doesn't smell like poop in the room...
Why am I afraid to use the cloth for poopy diapers? I'm really not sure. I have no problem cleaning out poopy diapers so what's the big deal? I suppose it could be my wipes, or that I don't like the wipe solution I made. Right now I'm using just plain water with a couple drops of Tea Tree Oil in a squirt bottle.

As I continue my journey through cloth wipes I will be posting info and tips in case you are considering it as well. I hope you find them useful!


  1. I cloth diapered my daughter until she was about one but I never used cloth wipes. I'm interested to read how that goes. Off topic- I'm your 400th follower, I get kind of excited when I break someone's hundred mark.

  2. I've thought of cloth diapering, and wish I'd started sooner, but my little man is already 10 months. Still, something about cloth wipes throws me off, too. Looking forward to reading your posts on the matter!

  3. woohoo Thanks Mallory! I'm curious why you stopped... Did she potty train that early or was it something else?

    Sam, It's never too late! Well, I guess the savings wouldn't be as much at this point but every little helps with the landfills. I didn't start right away either.

    If there is ever a topic you would like me to address please let me know. I am always open for suggestions!


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