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Friday, March 23, 2012

New Giveaway with 8 prizes from ZuuzStyle!

A fantastic new giveaway for you! I have already entered! And guess whats even better... If you refer someone wins you get the same prize!!!!

That means if I refer you and you win, I get a prize and if you refer someone and they win, you get the same prize! It is a real win/win!

These are the prizes:

  • The prizes for Week 1 (winners selected on April 2, 2012) are 2 $25 Free People Gift Cards
  • The prizes for Week 2 (winners selected on April 9, 2012) are 2 $50 ModCloth Gift Cards
  • The prizes for Week 3 (winners selected on April 16, 2012) are 2 $50 Sephora Gift Cards
  • The prizes for Week 4 (winners selected on April 23, 2012) are 2 $100 Macy’s Gift Cards

There are 2 requirements for entry:
Sign up for the zuuzStyle “Daily Dose of Style” emails (You can do that HERE remember What Mommy Wants referred you!)
Be a member of zuuzs (you can do that HERE)

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