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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wat-aah! Spotlight for Summer Splash

The Summer Splash event is coming soon! On What Mommy Wants you will have the opportunity to win a fun package worth $373! The package will have: 
~Swimwear for mom and baby
~Sun protection
~Organic skincare including bug repellent
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Today we are jumping straight into the deep end to showcase Wat-aah!
About this Company:
Wat-aah is a fantastic water that is made for kids! Wat-aah! wants to make water cool so that kids are less likely to drink sugary drinks and sodas, and drink more water. Wat-aah! has 5 different "formulas":
  • Wat-aah Z is a super pure water with added inc and absolutely no sugar! It flushes out toxins, and helps the body carry oxygen throughout the body to keep your body hydrate and balanced.
  • Wat-aah! Energy has vapor distilled water and oxygen to boost energy without caffeine and sugar! 
  • Wat-aah! Power is ultra pure water powered by Magnesium! Magnesium is the same bone and muscle building ingredient as spinach!
  • Wat-aah! Brain is ultra pure water and electrolytes to spark the mind!
  • Wat-aah! Body is nothing but pure spring water! No added anything! No sodium or chloride.
Our Experience:
Amber loved the Wat-aah! we received! She took a bottle to school with her every day until they ran out and had several of her friends ask where they could get some. That tells me that the goal of making water cool is indeed successful. Not only is Wat-aah! making kids want to drink water instead of sugary sodas and other drinks, they have also made it healthier. As a mom I love the fact that Amber is getting nutrients from her water. Sure, she could get electrolytes from sports drinks but she would also be getting a lot of sugar! And although she actually likes spinach, I doubt I could get enough in her frequently enough to match the amount of magnesium in the Wat-aah! Power. The Wat-aah Amber tried tasted like clean fresh water. I am particularly sensitive to the taste of water. There are some bottled waters that I think taste bad. Amber inherited my "taste" for water and agreed that this is one of the best tasting waters she has ever had! 

Connect With Wat-aah!:
You can check out Wat-aah! online for more information about the different varieties! Wat-aah! is also available in stores. To find out where you can buy some they have a locator to help you find a retailer near you!
You can also become a fan on Facebook and follow on Twitter!
Check out the Wat-aah! Blog and Wat-aah! on Google +!

Giveaway and Bonus entry:
This giveaway will begin on May 14th and end on May 27th! You can sign up for emails on the right so you don't miss the announcement. Wat-aah! is going to giveaway a cool prize package including a backpack and selection of bottles of Wat-aah! as part of our package worth $365! You can earn a bonus entry right now by leaving a comment on this post telling me if you are a big water drinker and would like your kids to drink more water!
Good Luck!

Disclosure:I received a sample in exchange for this review. I am not obligated to give a positive review nor did I receive any other compensation. All opinions state are that of myself and/or my family.

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  1. Growing up our only drinking options were water or milk. We only had kool-aid or pop at special occasions like birthday parties or on the rare occasion we went out to dinner. Sadly drinking lots of water was not something that came easily to me, even with the home restrictions. I just don't like the stuff. However, our years spent living in Hawaii helped because there really was the constant need to stay hydrated during all of our outdoor activities. Then, during pregnancy I tracked my water intake so I was healthier for baby. Now that I'm breast feeding I'm doing the same. My husband is a big water drinker, so hopefully together we can be a great pair of role models for our daughter. Especially because there will be no sugary drinks for her growing up either.


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