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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I started reading again!! Reviews to come!

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This may sound a little lame but... I missed reading! I used to read for pleasure all the time. A lady who works with me lent me a few books because I was complaining about not reading in a while. Well, one of the books just grabbed me!

The book she had me borrow first was Tempted by Megan Hart. This book is classified as erotic romance but is so much more! The way she told of the relationship between the main character and her sisters, mother and father just made you feel like you knew her all your life. Her husband was not the only relationship you knew, which is what I expected in a romance novel. I felt so connected to her (Anne) that I simply could not stop reading!

Normally in the morning my Other Half leaves around 5 am and I grab some coffee and surf the web, blog a little and enjoy some "me time" before the kids get up for the day. Instead I would get out the book and just read! When I wasn't reading the book I was thinking about reading it! I'm pretty sure that indicates some sort of addiction.

I don't want to give anything from the story away because I plan to do a full review of the book, as well as all of Megan Harts other erotic romance novels. Yes, I said ALL. I have read them all and there is another one coming out in August that I can't wait to read!

If erotic romance is not something you typically read then I suggest you read the upcoming reviews. I didn't think it was my cup of tea at first but, man was I wrong!

Monday, July 15, 2013

What Mommy Wants is becoming a KID FREE ZONE!

So, I would like to start by saying that this blog has opened many doors for me. I started this blog with the wrong intentions and it snowballed entirely too fast for me to keep up with. I am extremely grateful for the fans who have stuck it out with me! You guys made me a great success, very quickly.

In the beginning I wanted to have a "review blog". I was greedy and saw many blogs getting awesome products to review. I was entering giveaway after giveaway and realized I could do what they were doing! So I took the plunge and started What Mommy Wants. Originally meaning "products that Mommy wants". Well, after reviewing MANY products, Mommy realized she was getting behind on her actual Mommy duties! (Yes, I did just talk about myself in the third person.) I fell behind, disappointed sponsors and let down my readers. After taking some time to reflect (and have another baby) I have decided that What Mommy Wants means something entirely different to me than I had expected or even wanted.

What Mommy Wants now means "What Mommy Wants to do/have/be/share without the kids". If you want to know about what I'm doing with the kids, I blog about that at Teen Toddler Newborn. I started that for the child related stories, review, crafts etc.

I am not going anywhere and neither is this blog. The change will be with you, my readers! I am in the process of an overhaul of this blog and while some of you will love it, I understand that some of you will hate it. I expect a significant decrease in fans, readers, pageviews and a great drop in my stats.

Along this journey I failed to remember that I like writing! Of course the products I got to keep were awesome but the real reason I want to keep this blog going is because I like writing!

What Mommy Wants is becoming a KID FREE ZONE!

What you will NOT see on What Mommy Wants:
Baby product reviews
Kid product reviews
Bragging about my kids
Daily giveaways
Wordless Wednesdays
Breastfeeding information
Parenting tips
Picket Fence voting buttons

What you WILL see on What Mommy Wants:
Possible rants about my kids
Thoughtful posts and stories NOT gushing about my kids
Marriage stuff (tips, stories, reviews)
Occasional mature content
Occasional harsh language
Book reviews of the romantic genre
Occasional giveaways
Some sponsored posts (clearly marked)
Some affiliate links (clearly marked)
Environmentally friendly information

To sum it up, this blog is no longer the typical "Mommy Blog". The focus will be on actual writing, story telling, relationships etc, that I can't discuss around my kids. Basically, I don't have many grown up friends. I want to share grown up stuff and you guys will be my new friends. Do you accept my friendship?

Here is the part where I say this: 
If you don't want to read foul language, see mature reviews or support my efforts to remain sane via some online venting please feel free to unsubscribe. I don't blame you and understand completely why some may be offended by the new content.

If you are up for it, put the kids to bed, get out your reading glasses and a glass of wine. Those who stick around will be rewarded with my humorous outlook on difficult situations and meaningful discussions about unimportant topics.