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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book Review: Random Acts of Trust by Julia Kent

I have been spending so much time reading lately that I have been neglecting my blogging! I'm sure there are a few other things getting neglected lately too, like laundry and other stuff moms are supposed to do. I prefer to read than clean.

One of the authors I have been reading is Julia Kent! After reading ALL of her books (listed below) which were either free or I paid for, I contacted her and asked about becoming a part of her street team and Random Acts of Trust was just days from being released! So, I was sent an Advanced Review Copy free of charge to provide my honest opinion! To clarify I paid for all the other books, but Random Acts of Trust was a free review copy.

About the Author:

Julia Kent is a USA Today Bestselling author who writes contemporary romance. Think: semi erotic, romantic comedy usually with a twist and often with more than 2 love interests. 

Julia Kent is like my long lost sister! In RAOC she mentions the Diva Cup. In It's Complicated, Laura briefly tackles breastfeeding issues including NIP (Nursing in Public). Complete Abandon talks about babywearing and mentions that Laura makes her own cloth diapers!!! All topics not usually in romance novels that are very close to my heart. 

My Review:

My first experience with Julia Kent was Random Acts of Crazy (RAOC). In that book I feel in love with Darla and her brazen openness. We were taken through a journey that made all three main characters in that book grow both emotionally and socially. I have since read every other book written by Julia Kent!

Random Acts of Trust is not a continuation of that story. (Although it does happen after RAOC) Random Acts of Trust is a new story about the drummer from the band we met in RAOC and his struggle to recreate a love lost years ago and to come to terms with what it is to truly trust.

Growing up in a society that was made up of fake lives, decided futures and family secrets, Sam and Amy went to different high schools and were on the debate team. Senior year they found themselves battling each other to make it to Nationals. For Sam, the stakes were very high. His entire college career would be decided by the outcome and little did he know his family life would be too. After the debate Sam disappeared from Amy's life. Four and a half years later Sam and Amy rediscover each other and the secret to his disappearance is revealed.

When you are raised to tell half truths in order to cover up lies who can you trust? How do you learn to trust?

To be honest, The beginning moved a little slowly for me. It seemed a bit drawn out until about 20% into the book. But then we get hurled into a fantastic love story that made you root for them, laugh and cry and really want to get to know them on a deeper level.

We meet the whole band which includes Trevor and Joe from RAOC and their girl, Darla. They are a big part in this book as well as Liam, the fourth member of the band. Each character feels like someone you either know already or want to know! Ms. Kent has a way of doing that!

I have to mention that there is one part just past the halfway point that had me laughing so hard I was crying! My 3 year old kept asking me if I was OK... I don't want to spoil it so I will leave you with this: There was a urgent trip to visit a "Hoohaw" doctor and a misplaced cell phone.

Joking aside, I loved the overall story and found it very relatable. Afterall, who doesn't have a family secret? In this book you get:

Family secrets


Lost love

Hysterical comedy

I would say you don't need to read one before the other really. If you haven't read RAOC it could be read after and it would just fill in the back story of Darla, Trevor and Joe and explain the Chicken jokes.

After the book we get a sneak peek at the next book starring Liam! The preview was awesome and I can't wait to read Liam's story!!!

Connect with Julia Kent:

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