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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dumb Breastfeeding Comments Blog Hop

This post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by Life With Levi and co-hosted by The Slacker Mom and Diary of a Devil Dog Wife. This week's topic is Dumb Breastfeeding Comments. Scroll down to see more posts or even better, link up and join the fun!

    I 've never really thought about dumb questions when it comes to breastfeeding. I just shrug it off as people not understanding because I couldn't face the reality that people put too much faith in what society and the media say is normal. I want to write about my experience because I don't think there is enough emphasis on how NORMAL breastfeeding is. Here's a brief summary of why it's normal followed by my Dumb Comment story.

    Our bodies were made for this purpose! It is forgotten in today's world that there hasn't always been formula and boobs weren't sexual objects. It has a lot to do with evolution. Women's bodies function in a way that enables us to feed our offspring like all other mammals. Would you scoff at a dog for nursing pups? or a cat her kittens? I know there are differences between humans and animals. I hate to use the comparison but lactating is a "Normal" human function like peeing and passing gas. It is something that is controlled by involuntary hormone fluctuations after pregnancy.

    Boobs became sexual objects because the male drive is based on procreation. Large hips are ideal for childbearing, and large breasts represent the ability to feed offspring. Procreation is the drive for mating which connects breasts to sex. 

    I will end my history/science lesson at that. I hope it was simple enough and not too long. All that being said, I will continue my Dumb Breastfeeding Comment post now...

    I have had pretty good luck with support from my family with my breastfeeding experiences. For the most part everyone understands that this is what I do and keeps any judgement (if any) to themselves. I don't typically do too much public nursing as I plan my outings around feedings. There have been very few instances where I have had to nurse and I have not had any issues with strangers commenting, staring, etc. I work part time and pump when I am there. Every now and then someone will ask why my break took so long or why I even need one. When I explain it is usually not the expected answer so they don't know what to say. In these cases I get a quick "Oh"  or "OK". Some of the women I work with are proud and I get kudos for sticking it out "this long" (8 months and counting) however, there is occasionally a "you're still doing that?" I sigh to myself and reply with an enthusiastic "yup" hoping to not have to defend myself. That is with my most recent baby...

    With my first I was 17 so everyone thought they knew better and I was determined to prove them wrong. That really doesn't have all that much to do with my story but it may help understand why I did what I did. I hope my mom doesn't read this, and if you do, I hope you aren't hurt by it and I love you. 

    When my first daughter was a few months old my mom and I took a trip to the mall. It was midweek so there wasn't too many people there. We decided to head to the food court to get some food, no big deal right? Amber started fussing and I knew right away that she was hungry. We had finished eating and were still sitting at our booth when I decided to feed her. I had Amber in my arms about to whip it out (covered by a blanket, of course) when my loving mother says "you aren't gonna do that here, are you?"  I said yes and thought nothing of it until she asked "why?"... That's when I noticed she was uncomfortable. My response then was thinking "oh, crap" I had a sample bottle of formula from the hospital in my diaper bag for emergencies, so I didn't nurse. I gave Amber that bottle. That was one of 2 bottles she was ever given. The other was because I was sick and the doctor told me to "pump and dump". Which I now know wasn't necessary. Amber is now 11 years old and I still remember that day. 

    One comment that just pissed me off and I NEED to share:

Amber's dentist visit at 2 years old. The nurse told me she had "bottle rot" and asked if I gave her bottles at night! WTH? I told her "Amber has NEVER had a bottle" (i know that isn't exactly true but 2 bottles was irrelevant to the situation)

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  2. The "you're still doing that" comments bug me. I don't understand why it's anyone's business how long you breastfeed, but then again, it seems like people are full of all kinds of opinions once you have kids. (Maybe they were before, too, and I just didn't notice?)

    Thanks for linking up to last week's Breastfeeding Blog Hop. I hope you'll join in again this week.


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