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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The teething cookie recipe I posted recently...

So I finally got around to testing out this recipe. I am sorry to report that it was a flop. I'm sure it's my fault (what isn't?) Possibly due to my tweaking. This recipe was egg less and sugarless (exactly what I wanted) which made me unsure of how it would turn out. The process was as expected. Piping the dough was a little difficult, again, expected. I planned to make them round but the dough didn't want to cooperate with that idea.

The dough after I added the sweet potato puree.

 I decided bars would be best. Some of them needed a little coaxing to get into shape. After squeezing this super thick dough through my makeshift piping bag the hole began to stretch a bit. This created blobs rather than bars. Once I had my bars on my baking stone I put them in the oven!
After the 12 minutes was up I took them out and gave 'em a poke. Not nearly as hard as I had imagined. In fact they were down right squishy. I let them cool hoping they would harden up. After all, anytime I leave chocolate chip cookies out for even 5 minutes they become dangerous weapons. No such luck. They are still rubbery. They feel like a teether but I worry that she may bite off a piece causing a choking hazard.

Due to the fact that she now has 4 teeth on top and 2 on bottom, I am going to call off my search for a good teething cookie recipe. If you are able to salvage this recipe please let me know how so I can pass on your wisdom!


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