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Monday, October 31, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight~Mouth Man Hoodies

Mouth Man was founded by original member (and founder) of the classic rock band Journey, Ross Valory! You can read the whole story here: Behind Mouth Man. Here's an excerpt from Mouthman's about section:
One day, on a short break from touring, Ross was visiting friends in Arizona, sipping coffee and "just hanging out" ... as his friend's kids were tearing around the house doing something they referred to as the "JAWS"... According to Ross, the kids were running through the house in a single line..arms crossed one over the other , elbows
splayed out in front, and opening and closing in a chopping fashion... and making monster noises.
He thought it was cute, and didnt think much else of it.....
until another day...  some 20 years later, when that very memory just arbitrarily "popped" into his head...
Ross "hugged himself" in the same fashion those kids did years ago, and thought..."hmmmm, it would be cool if
there was a shirt with a graphic on the sleeves that would form a face with a mouth that would open and close when
you put your arms together!"

That was the lightbulb moment for Ross Valory! 
About the fabric and ink: 
Mouth Man Hoodies are made from recycled fabrics with Eco friendly inks! They are 100% Polyester Sport Fabric which provides breathability and a good amount of stretch. The recycled part: plastic bottles! How cool is that? The printing on Mouth Man hoodies is amazing quality. Right down to the water droplets on the leaf of the frog hoodie! We both love our Mouth Man hoodies! 

I asked how the inks were Eco friendly and this is the answer I got, "and the inks are water soluble and non toxic and all the paper used through are print process are recycled and donated to our local community for arts and craft usage." I think that is awesome! Not only is it recycled but donated as well!!!
Mouth Man Review video. See my shirt get animated here:

What I love:
  • Mouth Man hoodies are designed and made in the USA! 
  • Eco friendly fabric and ink!
  • Excellent customer service!
  • Their online store is well organized!
  • Amazing color and detail quality! 
  • Fun for any age!
What I would change:
  • I suppose more information on the Eco friendly aspects available on the website would be nice but as for the service and product, I would change NOTHING!
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