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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birthday Party Tips: a 1st birthday in Hindsight

OK Charlotte's 1st Birthday was wonderful. She had a blast! Mom on the other hand was a mess!
Here's why:

  • We planned her party in another state so that everyone who wanted to be there would be able to. So, I packed everything myself and loaded up the truck because Hubby had to work and we would leave straight from there. I made a point to make some of my own decorations. I forgot the Giant Poster Board "1"'s That Amber and I worked very hard on!
  • I also constructed a Mini Banner to string along the high chair for her Big Cake Smash! AND I actually remembered to bring it... But I forgot to put it on the high chair. But as you can see, Charlotte didn't even notice! 
  • I also didn't get around the party much. There were some guests who should have gotten a little more face time with our Birthday Girl. I must formally apologize to those family members here, I'm sorry! 

So here are my "hindsight" tips:

  1. Appoint tasks to some helpers- Have someone in charge of decorations, including the special handmade with love banner for the high chair! Someone in charge of making sure food is refilled as necessary etc. Someone to take photos! Maybe even a list of photo opportunities to look for!
  2. Make as much of the food as you can the days before so you aren't cooking day-of!
  3. Make a checklist!!!!! You can find them all over the internet! 
  4. Have someone, besides you, check your list when you are "done" cuz you may not be "done"
  5. Maybe not have Black frosting on the Smashing Cake... unless you like purple baby faces :)

Please make me feel better by telling me your birthday party mishaps, tantrums, meltdown, catastrophes, etc!!!

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