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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fun Sticker club project for your kids to do!

Amber recently received in the mail a letter inviting her to join the "Sticker Club". It brought me back to my childhood. Does anyone else remember those Chain Letters? Well, I typed out the letter for you guys if you all want to start your own your child wants to start their own sticker club! Everything is explained in the letter but basically you send one package of stickers to one child. Then you send 6 friends the letter with your address and the address of the person who sent it to you as well as a blank copy of the letter so they can copy it! That's it. Since you are sending the stickers to the person your friend got it from, you could just put your own address in both spots or maybe choose a friend to put in the #1 spot to receive stickers first. Here's the letter:

Dear _________________________,

Welcome to the sticker club! Please send one packet of stickers to the person listed as #1. Move my name to the 1st spot and place your name in the 2nd spot. Then send this letter to 6 of your friends.

If you cannot do this within 6 days, please let my mom know because it is not fair to those who have participated. Within 2 weeks, you should receive 36 packets of stickers. It’s a lot of fun and exciting to see where the stickers come from. Plus it’s always nice to get mail.

Good luck and thank you for joining the Sticker Club!

Your friend,


PS- Parents, please take the time out for this cute project. It’s worth seeing the smile on your child’s face when they open “their mail”. To make this easier we have included a blank letter for you to photocopy. Run 12 copies of the enclosed blank letter before you write on it. Then mail it to 6 friends (1 blank copy and another with the addresses). Don’t forget to include one blank copy for them to copy.

Spot #1                                                                                                                Spot #2

Have Fun! Please comment with any questions!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Melissa & Doug Cyber Monday Giveaways ALL day today!

Today is Cyber Monday and Melissa & Doug are having a great giveaway event on their Facebook page! Every Hour starting at 8 AM EST they will post another giveaway until midnight! Please tell them I sent you! Have fun entering! and good luck!
You can also get 15% off with the coupon code: NSAVE15
OR Free shipping with no minimum purchase with the code: FREESHIPZERO
One code per transaction expires midnight Tuesday 11/29/11

Sunday, November 27, 2011

How do I nominate someone for Husband of the Year?

Let's start this story with last night...

Last night I worked until 9:30 PM. I got home and there was pizza on the counter, which I had been craving for a couple weeks! After nursing Charlotte and putting her to sleep, I spent some quiet TV time with Hubby and we went to bed around midnight. Nothing out of the ordinary for us.

About 1:45 AM Charlotte started fussing on the monitor. Not the usual "just adjusting her position" fussing, but the "I'm awake come get me" fussing. When I showed up in her room she was still laying down and had her pacifier. That was odd so I thought if I just snuggled her for a few minutes she would be more comfortable and sleep soundly the rest of the night. Well, we spent the next 4 hours on the couch while she tossed and turned in my arms, half asleep. Finally, at about 6:30 AM, I decided we would just go to bed in my bed so I could get some sleep. When we got there she decided it was time to wake up...

At about 7 AM my wonderful, amazing husband took Charlotte and fed her breakfast while I got 2 more hours of sleep. When I woke up at 9 AM there was fresh coffee and a happy little monkey ready to be nursed.

That is why I ask: "Where is the nomination form for Husband of the Year?"

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today only FLASH SALE!!! 50% off this vintage cupcake apron and a giveaway!

Check out this awesome sale then look below for more cute apron deals and giveaways!
One Day FLASH SALE 50% off Cupcake Cutie Pie Vintage Apron. Novemeber 23 2011

One day flash sale Nov 23 2011

A perfect gift for the little girl you love. A Child's Heart Apron Set makes kitchen time fun! Just £8.00 GBP. 

Submit a recipe and be entered to win over £100.00 of great Kitchen tools! Enter today at Buy Cute Aprons.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bloggers: Sign up for the Spring Shoe Runway in January

Spring Shoes

Who doesn't love shoes? OK I'm sure someone somewhere doesn't... But for those of us that do, and have readers that do, here is a great opportunity to get involved in an awesome shoe giveaway event! 

It is a perfect time to showcase your favorite Spring Shoes. Kobiso and Jamie’s Precious Peasare proud to present Spring Shoe Runway Event from Jan 18 12:01 PM EST to Jan 21  at 12:01 PM EST and is accepting signups now.
Click the button above to sign up or for more information!

UGLee Pen Review & Giveaway!

Sponsored by Tomoson.com
Are you ready to see the most comfortable pen ever? Here it is... The UGLee Pen.

The UGLee Pen is designed, created and USED by a doctor! You may be wondering how it got its name. Dr. Lee created the pen, he called it the Ultimate Grip pen, then, add in his name Lee and there you have it. It really doesn't have much to do with its looks as you can see. 
More about the construction:
The Grip is made of a Ballistics grade Nylon and is virtually indestructible according to Dr. Lee. The UGLee Pen is also refillable! The ink inside is a combination of gel and ball point, you get the smoothness of a gel pen and the durability of a ballpoint! 

My Experience:
I received 3 UGLee Pens to review! One of them I took to work and several of my fellow associates asked about the pen. This is probably due to its unique shape. It does seem to draw a lot of attention... haha, get it? Sorry, I couldn't help myself. One of my coworkers tried it out and said "wow, that's smooth, I'm keeping this one." Of course I snatched it back and said "Get your own." Then used it to jot down the website...
The second and third pens are at home. On is in my daughters pencil drawer and the other in my drawer! I really do like this pen. I have bought those rubber cushion things before but all they really cushion is your finger tip. The grip on this pen goes all the way up to the clip. That means its not only gripping your whole hand but cushioning it as well. This is by far the most comfortable pen I have ever used. 
My opinion of the ink is a little less favorable. Don't misunderstand the ink is awesome! I work in retail and frequently have to write on a receipt. The ink is quite skippy on this coated heat/pressure sensitive paper. Now, I'm not terribly surprised as there are few pens that are great on this type of paper and on any other surface this has been the smoothest and most comfortable pen I've ever used! 
Buy it!
Buy the Great UGLee Pen HERE

Win it!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Who shops at Sandbox Lane? (Black Friday Sneak Peak)

Sandbox Lane is one of the best online Cloth Diaper Retailers! And guess what... They are having an awesome Black Friday Sale! Including free baby leg warmers with every order! Click HERE for the full details. Don't forget to check them out on Facebook too.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Black Friday Deals from Heelys!

In case you didn't catch my review for Adult Size Heelys I wanted to make sure you at least heard about their awesome Black Friday Deals!
Option 1:
If you purchase any one pair of Heelys or HX2's you get a second pair for only $25 and FREE SHIPPING!
Option 2:
If you buy a Nano you can get a pair of Heelys for $25 also with FREE SHIPPING!

Deals valid from Black Friday (11/25) to Cyber Monday (11/28)! US orders only. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Friday Deal at Hartstrings!

I have discovered a new site for childrens clothing! Hartstrings is "Celebrating the Gift of Children". They are an online store that sells upscale childrens clothes that are AGE APPROPRIATE for babies through 12 years old. I don't know about you but I argue with my 11 year old just about every morning regarding her attire, and she wears uniforms! I just have to tell you about their Black Friday Sale but first let me show you some of the adorable holiday items they have!
I really want to take some family portraits this year! If you check out the Family portrait section you will find coordinating outfits for all!

Wouldn't it be adorable for one girl to wear this dress:
Red Sweater Dress
And the other wear this sweater and skirt with the same bow?
Red Bow Knit TopInfant Red Shantung Skirt
One in this Red Floral Corduroy Skirt and one in thisInfant Red Floral Corduroy Dress Ensemble

Have boys?
Infant Argyle Polo ShirtArgyle Quarter Zip SweaterGrey Cable Sweater VestClassic Cable Sweater Vest
They can  all match without  being "Matchy"!!!! 

They also have some really cute novelty Holiday items!

Miss Snow Sweater HatSnowman Cardigan SweaterMonkey Pullover Sweater

The Black Friday Deal:
Hartstrings is giving an additional 20% off everything on the website! EVEN SALE ITEMS!!!
Had to share this  awesome deal with you! Have you found any screaming deals yet?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Toast to 2012 Giveaway Hop

January 10 -17 I will be participating with many other blogs to bring you tons of awesome giveaways for the new year! Each prize in the hop will be worth over $25! So watch for the event to start there will be lots of fun and prizes! 

If you own a blog you can participate too! Check out the details for the Toast to 2012 Giveaway Hop from Sweep Tight and Just Married With Coupons

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Heelys aren't just for kids!!! See Mommy Skate! Heelys Review

I was sent these very cute Wave style Heelys to review! I know what you are thinking, "Um aren't you a little old for Heelys, Mom?" To that, I answer a big "Nope!" Now I will have to admit that it did take me a bit longer to get the hang of it than it might have, say, 10 years ago. The videos on How to Skate that Heelys has on their website was a big help in getting started.
I remember my younger brother asking for Heelys for Christmas years ago. Of course at the time I was far too mature for such a childish thing. Now that my 11 year old daughter is at the same stage that my brother was back then, I can't help think "Maybe I should have gotten a pair back then too" But, alas, Heelys is way ahead of me. They are now making Heelys for adults! So now I can feel like a kid again. Want proof? Here it is:
When I told my daughter, Amber, that I would be reviewing these awesome skate shoes she was excited. Not for me, but because we wear the same shoes size! After checking out the Safety Playbook, I decided to let her take part in the review process. Well, she wore them once. Then I took them back because it was my turn! The dilemma now, is that I will have to buy Amber a pair so we don't have to take turns anymore!
Guess what... Heelys has a BLACK FRIDAY deal for you! If you would like to have a "mommy/daddy and me" set you can buy one pair of Heelys and get the second for only $25 and get FREE SHIPPING! This offer is Valid Nov. 25 through Nov. 28
They also have a deal on the new Nano (a board that pops in your Heelys wheel socket like a mini skateboard) If you buy a Nano, you get a pair of Heelys for $25 and FREE SHIPPING! Also valid Nov 25 through Nov. 28 
Please visit Heelys on Facebook
I would like to thank Heelys for sending me a pair of Heelys for the purpose of this review. I would also like to say that while I received them free of charge, these are my 100% honest opinions. I am under no obligation to give a positive review.

Slice™ Safety Cutter - Great for couponers Review

I received a Slice Safety cutter to review and it is pretty awesome. The Slice™ Safety Cutter - Great for couponers is great for cutting coupons on the go. I love how small it is and comfortable, it's the perfect size to fit in your hand!
Have you ever been at the store with all your coupons and found something on clearance that you have a coupon for but didn't clip it? No need for scissors-because you have the Slice Safety Cutter on your key chain!
You are leaving the house for your nieces birthday party and forgot to wrap her gift? Grab the gift, some paper and your keys. You can have the kids cut the paper in the backseat while you drive! Slice™ Safety Cutter - Great for couponers is safe for the kids to use because it won't cut skin!
I love being able to scrapbook quickly without having my fingers sore from holding scissors! Want to see it in action? Of course you do:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The details tab is open for Charlotte's 1st Birthday Giveaway Gala!

Here are all the details about this awesome giveaway event! I'm even shocked at the amazing response I have gotten! please keep checking back for updates as I add more sponsors! Also there is an opportunity for pre event bonus entries!

<div style="text-align: center;">
<span class="Apple-style-span" style="background-color: magenta; color: #cccccc; font-family: 'Crafty Girls'; font-size: 20px; line-height: 27px;"><a href="http://whatmommywants.blogspot.com/p/charlottes-1st-birthday-giveaway-gala.html"><img border="0" height="200" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-qGHylxswUMk/TrtXpB8xTCI/AAAAAAAAAQ4/vhQ1n8dUG2o/s200/gala+button-001.jpg" width="200" /></a></span></div>

Charlotte's 1st Birthday Giveaway Gala sneak peek

I have started gathering sponsors for "Charlotte's 1st Birthday Giveaway Gala" and you guys are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE who's coming to the party! Look for a new tab with confirmed sponsors and an opportunity for you to get early entries!!! If you are interested in sponsoring or know a business that may want to join and take advantage of the notoriety of some of the major brands please email me or pass on my email to those interested! I would love to include some knit/crocheted items, and WAHM's as well! 0WhatMommyWants0[at]gmail [dot] com (those are #zeros not letter o's)
Alright here's a couple hints:

  • There are some snowy hills that would like some riders. (insert clever reference to Wham-O toys) ;)
  • the fluffy list is growing (think Fuzzi and GGreen)
  • We will be Rockin the night away...
I have already said too much... stay tuned!

Kidorable has cute butterfly themes rain gear for girls and pirates for boys!!

Butterfly Rain Boots
Butterfly Rain boots $29
Something for your favorite kids Christmas list! Kidorable has tons of awesome products perfect for the cold, rainy season coming up. Here is an example of one for girls and one for boys! They have many others including fireman, ballerina, dinosaurs and sports.

Butterfly Rain Coat
Butterfly Rain Coat $36
Butterfly Umbrella
Butterfly Umbrella $13.50

Pirate Rain Boots
Pirate Rain Boots $29
Pirate Rain Coat
Pirate Rain Coat $36
Pirate Scarf
Pirate Scarf $11.50

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get a Melissa & Doug 25% Off Coupon When You Take the North "Poll"

Melissa & Doug want you to tell them which of their educational toys you think is the best! Just click on the image below to place your vote in the North "Poll!" You'll Get a Melissa & Doug 25% Off Coupon** to use at MelissaAndDoug.com just for voting!

Bloggers: sign up for this Mother's day event!

It is a perfect time to find what gifts you would like to give to your mother. Makobi Scribe is proud to present Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Carnival Event from May 10 12:01 PM EST to May 18  at 12:01 PM EST and is accepting signups now.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Win $150 cash!!!

I'm participating in an all cash giveaway! ! lucky winner will win the whole thing! just in time for the holidays! This giveaway runs November 7th until November 20th! Click the button below to get into the form! Good Luck!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's $50 Friday right here!!! Enter now!

Everyone loves cash, right? How would you like a chance to win $50 EVERY FRIDAY? Well, I am very excited that I have joined with an amazing group of bloggers to offer you a WEEKLY cash giveaway! Cool, yes? Well, there is only one catch, the giveaway is ONLY OPENED TODAY!!! 

These are the participating Blogs for this weeks
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This week's $50 Friday's is a BLOG follow and remember, in order to win, you have to follow all participating blogs via Google Friend Connect,  Email or RSS.   If it’s too much to follow everyone in one sitting, you can remember where you were at (maybe even write it down) then return later TODAY to finish following:) 
Here's what you need to do to ENTER - go through the entry form below, fill in What Mommy Wants in the extra info area, in question one, as the Blog you are entering on, then continue down the line  clicking the "do it" for the link of the page to follow, then click "I did this"... (remember, since this is a mulit-blogger event, you MUST follow EVERY blog to be eligible to win.... but the cool thing is, that it also gives you 26 extra entries) Good Luck!
Dont forget question 1 needs an answer! The answer is What Mommy Wants!!!!

$50 Friday will be here soon! Get ready...

Everyone loves cash, right? How would you like a chance to win $50 EVERY FRIDAY? Well, I am very excited that I have joined with an amazing group of bloggers to offer you a WEEKLY cash giveaway! Cool, yes? 

Well, there is only one catch, the giveaway begins THIS FRIDAY (November 4th) and is ONLY opened from 12:01 am  and will close at 12:01am on Saturday, so it is only OPENED ONE DAY!

This week's $50 Friday will be for BLOG Follows, so feel free to "follow" any and all of the following BLOGS now, via GFC, RSS, and/or email, so that you are all set - 

This week's $50 Friday's is a BLOG follow and remember, in order to win, you have to follow all participating blogs via Google Friend Connect,  Email or RSS.   If it’s too much to follow everyone in one sitting, you can remember where you were at (maybe even write it down) then return later THE SAME DAY to finish following or you can visit all the blogs above between now and Friday so that you are all ready to go:) 
This is how you can be sure you have the chance to enter this week and each consecutive week–
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  4. Mark your calendar – to come back here EVERY Friday to enter!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's a Showdown! Puppies vs. Babies, Who Will Take The Crown?

This post brought to you by Puppies vs. Babies. All opinions are 100% mine.


Animal planet is having a contest called Puppies vs. Babies. We have all seen the adorable videos and photos of puppies whistling, rolling over, even riding a skateboard! We have also seen twin babies yelling at each other like they know what each other is saying, getting their first taste of a lemon, laughing hysterically at simple thing, and falling asleep in their spaghettiOs. These are so cute! But which is cuter? Puppies or babies? The photos have been submitted and now it's time for you to vote in the Puppies vs. Babies online contest

Of course I think babies are cuter, in fact, mine is the cutest of all! After all, I have never stepped in baby poop, Charlotte has never chewed up my shoe and have you ever felt the urge to give a baby a mint? Never, but a puppy on the other hand.... Don't get me wrong, I love puppies and have one of my own, but I can't exactly rock her to sleep. 

Make sure you vote today in the Puppies vs. Babies contest on Animal Planet. Then come let me know who won your vote! I love getting comments form you guys! So let the battle begin!


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