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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cloth Wipes Transition Update!

It has been a while since announcing my switch to cloth wipes so I wanted to share some quick updates! We have not yet completely switched. While I have been using only cloth wipes (except a few times that I forgot to make the solution) I am still trying to get the family to join these efforts. It isn't easy asking everyone (hubby and an 11 year old) to wipe poop off of a butt with something that we will use again! It sounds gross! I understand completely. Amber (the 11 year old) was right on board with the cloth diapers. I think that was because they are cuter than disposables. But I think asking her to not just throw away a piece of cloth covered in poop is just asking too much. Pee diapers are not a problem. In fact, Amber enjoys making the new wipe solution. Hubby sometimes will use a cloth wipe on a pee diaper if I leave him no other option ;) I know I am trying harder and that is important to me!
I wanted to share a quick photo of our changing area with you. Since taking this photo things have changed just a bit. The wipe container that I keep my CLOTH wipes in was thrown away. I'm sure he didn't notice that I have been keeping my wipes in there. Even though that box has been there since Charlotte was born. Men don't always notice little things like that so I will forgive him. We bought a new box wipes... that is empty now and contains my cloth wipes. Same set-up just a different box:

A closer view of the wipes area:

The other thing that has changed is... I bought wipe bits to make a real solution. If you read my first post about or switch to cloth wipes, you might remember that I mentioned I made my own with just water and Tea Tree Oil and didn't care for it. I have been following a shop on Facebook for some time who makes them (along with many other soaps, cleaners, castile, etc.) She posted a deal for her wipe bits and I went for it! 2 for $10. I got a bag of wipe bits (50 in a bag) and a bag of cleaning solution bits. I love them both and I am thinking about a possible review. Perhaps I will ask her about a giveaway... Anyway, the wipe bit are tangerine scented and I love them! They did take a bit of time to dissolve but I didn't mind.  As long as I remember to refill before the next change :)
What I have learned so far:
Shake the wipe solution while it dissolves. One time I let it sit while it dissolved and it settled on the bottom of the bottle, then when the water cooled it semi-solidified... Shaking as it dissolved solved this!
Be patient with my family and eventually they will come around.
If I keep clean wipes in the container it is less likely to get thrown away.
If I keep clean wipes in the container they are more likely to get used while I am away.
Using a disposable is not the end of the world! It gets the job done, next time I will remember to have solution ready!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or advice please leave me a comment! I would love to read your thoughts ;)


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