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Friday, February 10, 2012

Free Meal planning for life!

OK, I don't really like posting tons of ads (I save that for reviews) but I really like the idea of this one!
Using local grocery deals to plan meals is something I have done for a while. I could spend an hour or so checking the grocery ads and deciding whats for dinner based on what is on sale. Well, here is something that would save some time! It is called Food on the Table. Here's how it works:
1) Sign in using this promo code: FEBFREE This code is good until the end of February and gets you unlimited for life, FREE! (NEW Food On The Table users get unlimited meals each week for free (it's normally only 3 meals a week and you pay for the unlimited upgrade). Since it's a promo code, you may still get encouraged to upgrade, but you don't have to because you used the promo code :)
2) Choose your store(s). I searched by zip code and added 3 stores. Click "Next".
3) Choose favorite foods and any dietary restrictions. Click "Next".
      (option for their free meal planning app for iPhone or Android came next)
4) Choose which of the stores you picked earlier to shop at. This step lists how many items are on sale at each store and if any of your favorites are on sale! You can click to see what items are on sale before you commit ("See other 7 items on sale"). Click "Shop Here" then click "Next".
5) Select Recipes. You can their recipes matched with items on sale at your selected store! OR you can add your own recipes and they will match them up with sale items! When you add a recipe Food on the Table will automatically put all the items on your shopping list! (Don't worry you can edit your list if you already have some items) Click "I'm done adding recipes" You can now view, remove and add items to your shopping list! Click "Next"
6) you are DONE! Choose from: Print list, print recipes, print both, email list, OR send to iPhone!

Much less time than figuring out what you can make with whats on sale! Plus you get some new recipes!
A time saver! A money saver! Highly recommended!! Don't forget to use this code to get it FREE for LIFE! "FEBFREE"
 Click the banner above to get started!

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