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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Renaissance Festival Costume Video Review!

     The AZ Renaissance Festival started on February 11th this year! Amber went with her school as a reward field trip and I wasn't able to chaperon because I can't take Charlotte with me. I'm hoping to make a trip this year with the family! Amber already has a costume that we paid over $100 for at the fair! I thought it was about time for Mommy to get a costume too!
     I have the pleasure of partnering with a fantastic wholesale costume site called Wholesale Halloween Costumes. They are much more than a Halloween costume site! You can also find costumes for holidays and parties, accessories for costumes, makeup, party decorations/props, holiday themed party accessories and even mascot costumes! (see my video at the bottom of this post)
Here are some of my favorites:

To go with the Renaissance Festival costume:
Mardi Gras is coming up! How's this for a mascot:

 OK This inflatable tops the cake! I totally want the "Stay Puft Marshmallow Man" at my surprise 80's themed 30th birthday party (that I only imagine in my head)!

    The costume I received for this years Renaissance Festival and this review is the Peasant Lady Costume!
    This costume is 2 pieces. The dress is all one piece. The top is gauze and has an elastic ruffle around the top and at the elbow. The bottom of the dress is a green crushed velvet type material. The velvet is much shinier than this picture shows, you may be able to see that better in the video.
    The second piece of this costume is the corset (bodice) piece. The corset ties in the back at the waist and at the neck just like a halter top. The corset piece is almost like a foam material, it is slightly padded. On the outside the fabric is a faux leather and brown velvet type material. As I stated in my video it appears very convincing!  This piece laces up in the front with a shiny gold ribbon. Keep in mind that this is not an actual cinching corset, therefore, it will not actually hold in anything :)
    Overall this costume is fairly well made and is very comfortable! This is definitely something that is easily worn for the whole day without any issues. If I am gentle enough I could make this last for a few years for Renaissance Festival use only. I would definitely recommend checking out Wholesale Halloween Costumes for your next party! Whether it is Halloween or not!!

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