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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A New Friend With Buying Power, Zuuzs!

What is Zuuzs and how you can earn money by sharing deals with friends!

I have been a member of Zuuzs for a little while and some people have asked me "What exactly is Zuuzs?" I thought I could take some time to let you know what Zuuzs is and how you can earn money shopping through Zuuzs. They have also added something new called Buying Power which helps you earn even more!

What is Zuuzs?
Zuuzs is a shopping site which allows you to shop at stores you already shop at online BUT you earn cash back AND discounts when you go through Zuuzs! Zuuzs is absolutely free to join!

How do I earn money on Zuuzs?
All you have to do is go to the Zuuzs site and click on the store you wish to shop at. As long as you started at the Zuuzs site you are already linked up for your cashback! Want to earn more? Invite friends and family! When you invite other people into your "circle" you earn when they shop! An added bonus: when your friends invite friends you earn from them as well! Here's an example:
From the "Learn More" page on Zuuzs
Now you can have Buying Power!
Buying power on Zuuzs is a reward for doing other things on Zuuzs. You earn buying power by selecting your favorite stores, updating your profile with your favorite catagories, having friends join your circle, when friends make purchases and of course making purchases yourself!
When your Buying Power increases so does your cashback rate! 

So if you shop online you should be shopping through Zuuzs here's an example of a current deal from e.l.f. I just took a screen shot of my page on Zuuzs for this deal. You can see that my cashback percent is 4.20% and my cashback with my buying power is 4.76%. So I will earn that just for shopping at e.l.f. today. PLUS, if you look below there is a coupon code offer for all orders over $25 to get 40% off the Studio line! So, I'm going to get a $30 brush kit for $18 AND earn 4.76% of that in cashback! 
  Are you ready to sign up?
If you sign up on http://zuuzs.com/10Yrm you will be in my circle of friends and you can share all of the great deals you find with me!

This is a sponsored post written by me. I am a member of Zuuzs and these are my 100% honest opinions!


  1. hmmm I'm shopping online rarely, but I think I will give it a try :D

  2. Definitely worth it! Especially when friends sign up because you earn when they shop too!
    Happy Shopping!


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