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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight Review ~ Ugglebo Clogs {Spring Shoe Runway}

spring shoes

It is a perfect time to showcase your favorite Spring Shoes. Kobiso and Jamie’s Precious Peas are proud to present Spring Shoe Runway Event.

Sponsoring my giveaway for the Spring Shoe Runway event is Ugglebo Clogs!

About Ugglebo:
    Ugglebo means "owl's nest" in Swedish. Ugglebo was founded in 1965 by Sven Carlsson. Ugglebo was making high fashion wooden clogs as they began to become popular in the 60's and 70's and has kept up with the growing fashion industry while staying true to the traditional clogs! Ugglebo uses the finest leather, wooden bases and metal hardware available. Sven's son Christer became part of the team and to this day is the head clog master in the same factory his father started in 1965!
    Please take the time to read more about Ugglebo Clogs and see a few photos of the process!
    Ugglebo is also the proud supporter of The Pink Ribbon Riders (PRR), an organisation that provides financial support to both women and men diagnosed with breast cancer! In addition to donating clogs to its members, Ugglbo also donates $20 from each pair of Chukka Shearling Boots sold to PRR.  

My experience: 
    I received a pair of Lisbon clogs in black ($169) to review for this amazing giveaway! These clogs are traditional Swedish clogs, they are handmade in Sweden! They clogs are gorgeous! The workmanship on them is incredible! They are literally wood base with leather top and metal hardware! Nothing synthetic at all.
    One important thing to look for when choosing footwear is comfort. While these clogs are super cute, you do have to remember they are CLOGS! The natural wooden base is not the same as the rubber soled shoes we are used to. What does that mean? It takes some getting used to. I usually can break in a pair of shoes fairly quickly. A wooden soled shoe doesn't really "break in". Yes the leather top flexes and stretches a bit, but for the most part you are wearing brand new shoes months later. If you wear heels often these clogs should be no problem getting comfortable in. For me, these beautiful clogs are for special occasions, I will not be wearing them to my cashier job at the hardware store, lol. 
   When I was sending in my size, I was asked to double check the size because clogs can be "iffy". I triple check the size chart and went with a 38 which is the US equivalent to a 7.5-8. I usually wear an 8 and have only gone bigger than that when pregnant. Apparently my feet didn't go back down all the way after having Charlotte like they did after having Amber. They were a little snug. I would recommend going a size up. Especially if you are on the higher end of the US size for the European size. 

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One lucky winner with choose a pair from the Urban collection ($159-$179)!
The Spring Shoe Runway Event starts February 24th at 12:01 am. Make sure to sign up for email notification of posts from What Mommy Wants so you don't miss the announcement of the giveaway event! Sign up HERE!
 If this event has started please continue to the SPRING SHOE RUNWAY event to enter!

I received a sample in exchange for my review. I was compensated in no other way. The opinions in this post re 100% mine and I am in no way obligated to give a positive review. 

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