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Friday, March 2, 2012

Do you worry about identity theft?

Sometimes I wonder how someone could be so dishonest. I work in retail at night as a cashier supervisor and I always see people freak out and cover the pin pad when enter their numbers. I think to myself "me seeing your pin doesn't matter unless I have your card, silly". But in all reality how do you know who is or isn't capable of using your personal information. They don't know me. Sure I look sweet and innocent (most days) but I have caught shoplifters in a suit and tie!

A few years ago I lost my wallet in the woods... Long story, yes there was a few drinks involved. Someone found my wallet and turned it in to the local police station. I got a phone call to come pick it up. On the phone the very nice policeman said "you know you should have your social security card in your wallet, right?" Of course I knew that. I had just gotten hired at my job and needed to take it in to them. I never got around to taking it out! I really dodged a bullet! When I picked up my wallet the lady at the desk said I was lucky because the gentleman who turned it in had been in there before a few times and not a good citizen! If this scares you it should! Identity theft is very serious and in this difficult economy criminals are getting crafty! Finding people to take advantage of is their job! I think it's time to get some identity theft protection!

I found a great place to get protected. IdentityHawk helps people like you an me safeguard our assets, our belongings, and our good names. Through their suite of protective benefits, IdentityHawk members can view the health of their identity protection, identify areas most at risk, and take steps to reduce those risks.

This is a sponsored post for IdentityHawk. I have connected with them though Blogsvertise. While I will receive some compensation, the opinions and stories contained are my personal true stories! Any opinions stated here are 100% mine.

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