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Monday, March 12, 2012

Is there and Easter Bunny in your house?

Last year's matching dresses
     I have been thinking more about Easter coming up. As spring approaches we start seeing the yummy goodies for baskets being stocked. Just before we found out we were pregnant with Charlotte we told Amber the truth about the Easter Bunny (Santa, Tooth Fairy, etc.) She pretty much already knew! She has always been very smart so I had wondered why she hadn't said something sooner. Anyway, I thought at almost 10 she was overdue! Now that we have Charlotte, we are starting up the basket tradition again. This year will be Charlotte's second Easter. Last year I made both girls Easter dresses! This year I am thinking of buying a bunny costume for Charlotte! She would look so cute! I found one for $20.
     I'm not sure if I will do it though. While it is very cute, I think she should be in a beautiful dress and leave the Easter Bunny for the "Easter Bunny". I'm still torn. Do you think its too much like kids Halloween costumes? Should I wait for Halloween?
     Back to the subject. My sister never did the "Santa/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy thing" with her kids. She didn't want to lie to them, which I understand, kinda. There was a time when her son told Amber that there was no Santa. My sister flipped! This was just after she told me that he knows not to say anything to other kids, haha.
     When did your kids find out about the Easter Bunny? Who told them? I'm very curious!

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