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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight Review ~ Aluminyze (Spring Buzz)

Sponsoring What Mommy Wants in the Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop is Aluminyze!

Aluminyze your photos not only to display them in amazing quality, but to also preserve them! Aluminyze puts your photos on aluminum and adds a high quality, waterproof sealant on top. I had a lot of fun putting one of my photos on aluminum!

Sizes available: 
8"X10" ($24.95)
11"X14" ($44.95) 
16"X20" ($79.95) 

Heart Shaped sizes:
11" diameter $49.95
16" diameter $79.95

     I got to review the 8"X10" rectangle for you guys! I even made a video showing the process of ordering it online and how long it took to ship! I ordered on Feb 22 and received my aluminyzed photo on March 5th. Very good turn around!
    My photo also came with the standard easel style backer, which allows me to hang it or place it on a table top! There are other options as well, including a mount which allows it to float away from the wall or a pedestal.
     Here is my video of the whole process:

My Experience:
It was easier than I thought to order my photo! The shipping time was amazing and I love the way it turned out! I did think the color on my giraffe was a bit too orange in some spots but after seeing it in the light it looks fantastic! I would definitely order from Aluminyze again!

Find Aluminyze:

Win a 11"X14" Aluminyzed photo!!!
They are giving to one of my lucky fans a 11"X14" photo with an upgraded backer! March 21 I will post the giveaway page for Spring Buzz! Make sure you are signed up for my emails so you can get a reminder when it is posted! Sign Up Here! I will also link to the giveaway page HERE when it is live so you could bookmark too. Good luck!

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