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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Totseat Travel Highchair Review

     How many of us go to restaurants and gasp at the sight of the highchairs? I know I try my best to keep Charlotte from trying to put her mouth on the front bar! I didn't see it get cleaned, I don't know what cleaner they used if they did clean it! YUCK!
     I was browsing Hello Baby Direct and saw the Totseat Travel Highchair and just had to see if they were interested in letting me tell you guys all bout it! They loved the idea and sent me one in the Chocolate Chip print.
     The highchair uses any normal dining chair and straps to it. It has a 3 point buckle system to keep your tot in place. Not only do you not have to worry about them chewing on the cross bar but they also get to feel like they are part of the group by sitting in a grown up chair! The Totseat Travel Highchair comes in a convenient carrying bag!

My Experience:
It took a few tries for me be able to attach it to the chair but I liked being able to have Charlotte in a regular chair. The straps are durable and kept her safe. I would still not leave her unattended of course! The print is cute (there are others available) and the fabric is also durable! 

What I might Change:
The only issue I had was that while in the chair she couldn't sit at the table without a booster seat. I'm sure adding a booster seat at a restaurant would be easy. Just adjust the height of the highchair back so that it sets above the booster, I would imagine. I didn't have the opportunity to test out that theory.

Where you can buy a Totseat:
The Totseat Travel Highchair is approximately $36 USD. They are based in the UK so the price in GBP was 22. (I used google to convert the dollar amounts) It is available at their online nursery shop.
Hello Baby also sells a fantastic variety of of other baby and nursery items including baby toys, nursery furniture, travel and safety products.

I received a sample in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my honest opinions!


  1. Hi thanks for your review of Totseat. You are quite correct in that the Totseat adapts for chair backs of different heights - tall or short, round or square - and the reason it doesn't include the 'booster' element is for ease of packing. It's pocket-sized - with an additional 'booster' element it would not be! This said, the little one will eat and play happily on the chair space, as opposed to being right up at the table ... where accidents often happen with hot drinks, knives etc. Keeping the little one, and their chair, a bit away from the table (say 20cm or so) still allows them to still be part of the party, without compromise. We hope you continue to find the Totseat useful when out and about, good luck and thanks again. Totseat HQ, Scotland.

    1. Excellent point about keeping them away from the table to avoid sharp objects and Hot dishes! Thank you!!!!!


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