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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Sponsor~ Little Ace Wonders

The prize package on What Mommy Wants for this event is going to go to one winner and is valued at over $100! 
This post will highlight one of our many generous sponsors!

Little Ace Wonders is owned by Michelle who is currently expecting her 4th baby, her first girl!!
She started just a short time ago by making accessories like wipes, bibs and burp cloths. When her youngest was potty training she discovered cloth diapers and decided to learn to make them so that when they wanted to add another baby she would be able to start in cloth diapers!
Little Ace Wonders currently accepts orders through her Facebook page. 

Our Experience:
This is literally my new favorite diaper! Not just because it's cute and has butterflies on it. It is super trim and has a great fit! 
Since these are fully customizable your diaper will vary slightly. Mine has a minky inner fabric with elastic pocket opening (if I had realized the welt pocket opening was an option I might have chosen it. Perhaps I just need to buy another!) 
The inner:
The bumpy minky is super soft on her little tush and I love it! Minky is also quite absorbent.
The outer fabric:
The outer fabric is cotton with a sealed PUL lining to make it water proof. Very cute! I did have a few leaks... It could be from the insert I was using. The insert did not come with this diaper, it was a spare I had in a drawer...

The fit:
LOVE the Fit! Very trim and the front panel has 4 rise setting so I'm sure she will fit in it for a long time! The front panel also is quite narrow which means less bulk on the sides because it doesn't wrap around the waist!
The snaps:
The snaps worked great. They were not too hard to snap or open and stayed closed for the most part. I did have the rise snaps come unsnapped a couple times while putting the diaper on Charlotte but I think it was just because I had it on a smaller setting. I went to the next biggest setting and problem solved!

Here is my super-detailed review video and Charlotte wearing the diaper:

Connect with Little Ace Wonders:
   Her diapers are fully customizable from the insert fabric to the outer and even the type of pocket opening! The diaper I have has an elastic opening but she also makes them with a welt opening which lays flat, having less bulk.
Her ready to ship album has some diapers that are very cute! You can also see all of the fabric choices if there is something else you have in mind!

Giveaway and Bonus Entry:
You can ENTER HERE for the whole cloth diaper package starting May 1st! You can also get a bonus entry for commenting on this review! Leave a comment below telling me what made you decide to use cloth diapers!

This giveaway is sponsored partly by Little Ace Wonders. I did not receive anything for free for this review. I paid for this product and because I enjoyed it I asked her to participate in this giveaway!


  1. I decided to use cloth because it was more economical and better on baby's bum.

  2. Lots of things Plus my mom uses them!

    arestfulplace @ gmail . com

  3. We decided to use cloth because it is more affordable and we can use them again when we have more kids. :) They are also better for our son than disposables as well as the environment.

  4. I will be using cloth not only for the environment, but for the cost efficiency of it (especially with multiple children).

  5. Forgot to add my rafflecopter email - charlotterobinson81 at yahoo dot com


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