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Monday, May 7, 2012

Manic Mommy Monday~ When a toddler throws up...

Mommy throws up!

OK, so I didn't actually throw up. But I came very close.
    On Saturday Charlotte woke up screaming at 5:30 am. I came running into the room to see her sitting up in the crib crying. It was dark and I didn't want to wake her up even more by turning on the light so I started feeling around for her pacifier... I found something else instead. A chunk of banana, of course I didn't know it at the time, I assumed it was a leaky diaper issue. So, I turned on the light and saw a giant puddle of puke. That's when I looked at her and noticed the entire back and side of her head were also covered!
     We rushed to the tub got a good bath and snuggled the rest of the morning. She seemed fine, never had a fever, and I went to work until 6:30. Had dinner, she went to bed all seemed normal!
     Sunday morning we made waffles from scratch and had a nice family breakfast and I left for work again at 11. Everything was normal until I got almost to the house. She starting throwing up again. She had 4 poopy diapers while I was gone! She still had no fever and was acting fine. Daddy ran to the store and got her some pedialite. We are thinking its just a bug and will hopefully work itself out. I really don't want to clean up any more vomit for a while.
     This all made my weekend go by pretty fast and I am looking forward to next weekend already. I need a do-over weekend! How was your weekend?
Manic Mommy Monday!
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  1. My kids dealt with the same type of bug a month or so ago. I felt so bad because I had promised (when there was no indication of what was going to take place for the next 2 days) to take my 3 year old out to frozen yogurt if he finished his dinner. Well, we were about to get ready when he threw up the first time. He kept telling me "ma ma, I feel better now, let's get some ice cream" seconds before he would throw up again.

    Everyone but me got sick and I was sooo exhausted from cleaning up bathrooms and floors multiple times per day that I wanted to be sick just as an excuse to stay in bed!

    I hope she gets better soon!


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