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Monday, May 14, 2012

Minima Organics Spotlight for Summer Splash

The Summer Splash event is coming soon! On What Mommy Wants you will have the opportunity to win a fun package worth $365! The package will have: 
~Swimwear for mom and baby
~Sun protection
~Organic skincare including bug repellent
~and a lot more!!!

Watch for the rest of the sponsor spotlights to see what else is up for grabs AND to get some pre event entries! Make sure you subscribe to emails on the right so you don't miss a post!

Today we are jumping straight into the deep end to showcase Minima Organics!
About this Company:
Minima Organics is formerly My Mama's Love! The links in this post will take you to My Mama's Love to see the products because the new site is still under some construction. 
Here is how it all started:
"When I couldn't find any products
to help cure my daughter's sensitive
skin problems, I began looking for
natural, proven remedies. The
results healed my daughter's condition and inspired me to share
these gentle remedies with others."
Leslie McCann Founder, My Mama's Love/Minima Organics
There are so many products available from Minima Organics! Whether you are looking for baby care, acne help, curing salves, nipple nurture or scalp rescue, this is the place to go! They even sell natural pet products

Our Experience:
We received the Summer Lovin Kit to review! The kit includes Bug Off Me repellent, Burn Out sunburn ointment, the Complete Skin Ailment Curative and Fixx My Lips. I was most excited to try out the bug repellent because mosquitoes are a big problem in my area and I have such a bad reaction to them! 
The Bug Off Me has worked fantastic so far! I love that you can read all of the organic ingredients right there on the bottle! It has a very natural smell to it as well. You can mostly (at least in my case) smell the eucalyptus essential oil. It isn't perfumy at all and is very effective! I actually went outside with short sleeves on and did NOT get a bite! The temps here in the summer can reach up to 115 degrees so it will be nice to not have to wear a sweater to our summer BBQs! 
Fixx My Lips is wonderful! The one I got is orange flavor/scented. My lips were instantly moisturized and there was no waxy film on them!
I used the Complete Skin Ailment Curative on my foot. I got a nasty bite on it from an unknown pest! It is in a solid form but as soon as it hit the heat from my foot it practically melted so that I could spread it around. I only felt a slight tingle at the actual bite but the swelling around it and the redness went right away. It really did feel soothed and it lasted for a long time!
I haven't used the Burn Out ointment yet... But I know I will have to. Being a redhead in Arizona is pretty much a guaranteed sunburn! Judging by the performance of the other items form Minima Organics I am confident that when it happens I will be taken care of!  

Connect With Minima Organics:
You can check out Minima Organics online and at several retailers in the Washington State area and NY!
You can also become a fan on Facebook and follow on Twitter!

Giveaway and Bonus entry:
This giveaway will begin on May 14th and end on May 27th! You can sign up for emails on the right so you don't miss the announcement. Minima Organics is going to giveaway a Summer Lovin Kit as part of our package! You can earn a bonus entry right now by leaving a comment on this post telling me what you think you will use the most in this package!

Disclosure: I received a sample in exchange for this review. I am not obligated to give a positive review nor did I receive any other compensation. All opinions state are that of myself and/or my family.

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  1. The Bug off Me there are a lot of mosquitoes in Texas


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