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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Wish List Sponsor Spotlight~ Himalayan Salt Shop

mothers day gift ideas

I have joined with MANY other bloggers to bring you the Mother of all Mother's Day Gift Lists! And guess what else! They are all going to be given away!

The Mother's Day Giveaway package here on What Mommy Wants is valued at over $200!
Lets kick off this event with a spotlight of

About Himalayan Salt Shop:
The Himalayan Salt Shop was founded in 2005 by Ernest Gaglione in the basement of a two family house in Bloomfield, NJ. Originally, Ernest had to lug his heavy inventory up and down steep basement stairs as he personally shipped each customer's order. As his company grew through hard work and perseverance, Ernest reached the point where he could afford a small office space in Parsippany, NJ. Ernest continued to expand by employing a fulfillment center to help with the shipping of orders.
Today the Himalayan Salt Shop is one of the biggest internet retailers of authentic Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps on the web. They also wholesale their products to businesses across the country. If you are looking to patronize a small business headed by a true hard-working American entrepreneur, you can feel confident buying from us.
What is a Salt Lamp? How does it work and why do I need one?
Scientific Technical Explanation
Crystal Salt Lamps have big advantages, and not only for cleaning the environment of a room. Sitting in front of televisions or computer monitors, we are bombarded with an electro-magnetic frequency of around 100 to 160 Hz. (Hertz). Our brainwaves however, vibrate at around 8 Hz., a rate that equals the Schuhmann-Resonance-Frequency. This means that while watching TV or working at the computer, our body is exposed to frequencies that vibrate 20 times faster than our brainwaves. The result is a lack of concentration, nervousness, and insomnia.
Harmonizing Ionizing Effect
Crystal salt lamps bind the excessive positive ions with their negative ions. When they warm up, they attract humidity and the surface of the salt crystal becomes moist. This causes a field of ions to build.Crystal salt lamps can also neutralize the electro-smog in a room. Additionally, the various colors of the lamp have positive effects. The therapeutic wavelengths of the colors of these crystals fall within the upper nanometer zone (600 to 700 nanometers), which are visible to our eyes and effect a reorganization of the epidermal layer of the skin. The frequencies at this upper nanometer zone are also used in allopathic medicine for treating skin cancer. Furthermore, tests on hyperactive children with concentration and sleeping disorders (ADHD symptoms) have shown that using crystal salt lamps drastically reduces their symptoms after only one week. When the lamps were removed, their symptoms returned.
My Experience:
We have been sent a 4-5lb salt lamp to review! I have to say that it is absolutely beautiful when turned on in our living room. Obviously you can't prove that the negative ions are bonding with the positive ones in the air. And it takes time for the effects on your body to be noticed as well. When we received it Amber and I both were battling a bad case of allergies that was sure to lead to a sinus infection. I can say that Amber's allergies have subsided slightly. I have to admit that it only works if you turn it on :) There were several days that I forgot to turn it on and the longer it is left on the better it works.

Connect with Himalayan Salt Shop:
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 The Giveaway and Bonus Entries:

To get an extra entry into the whole Mother's Day package leave a comment on this post telling me if you are nursing, if you have ever nursed, if so for how long! If you are not and never have do you plan to?
Enter to win the WHOLE PACKAGE here!

I received a sample from Himalayan Salt Shop in exchange for this review. All opinions and experiences stated are mine and are 100% honest. I was compensated in no other way nor am I required to give a positive review. 

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  1. I breast fed all three of my children. The youngest, my daughter, had to go on the bottle after a month because I wasn't producing enough milk. They are now healthy grown adults.


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