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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

~Book Review~ Blindness by Ginger Scott

Title: Blindness
Author: Ginger Scott
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Release Date: 2/25/2014
Rating: 5 stars
Steam factor: 2/5 (think PG13)

Charlotte or Charlie as her dad used to call her is a hard character to describe frankly. She is flawed, she is strong, she is independent while also being codependent. I love her! I want to be her friend. Charlie is dropped on her father's doorstep at 7 years old by a mom who was an addict and never told him she was even pregnant. Her father, Mac, did the best he could but they were basically roommates until an incident with her boyfriend left her with a bruised face. It is at that point that her father realizes she needs more and they become best friends. Then, after 1 year of having an amazing father, she loses him. 

Charlotte runs from the town that reminds her of all that she lost and starts fresh in college. She is dating Trevor for a year when she finds herself with no option but to move in with him and his severely dysfunctional parents. She has the "perfect" boyfriend and is looking forward to his proposal and the safe existence she knows she will have with him. Then she meets Cody. Cody is the tattooed math tutor she felt an instant attraction to. She shrugs it off, reminding herself of her perfect boyfriend, Trevor.

Cody is a former Motocross prodigy with a past as complex and devastating as Charlie. Cody lost his dad as suddenly as Charlie did. A devastation like that would cause anyone to lose concentration which is exactly what happened during Cody's last motorcycle stunt. A stunt just a week after his father's death leaves Cody in a wheel chair for months. Cody's mom, Shelly, remarried. She married Trevor's father. Trevor and Cody are step brothers. Trevor never mentioned a brother to Charlotte so when the math tutor she clicked with shows up for a family dinner, you can imagine her confusion. 

Blindness is written in first person from Charlie's perspective. I love first person because it feels more like I get to glimpse into their thinking process. You get to develop along with the character. In this case Charlie.

Reading this book, you go back and forth with her decisions. Will she stay with Trevor? Is she brave enough to leave that safe relationship and recognise the connection to Cody? Does she even know what love is anymore? 

Blindness has me literally saying "Wow"! There are things that come between the characters. Misunderstandings, blackmail, exes... Normally this would have me yelling at the characters to "Just tell him/her!!" But you know they can't! There are good reasons why things are left unsaid. The clarity of these is something Ginger Scott has thoroughly impressed me with. The story progresses in such a natural way, a flow that just keeps you going! If I wasn't reading this book I was wondering what was happening next. 

This book doesn't leave me with more questions! I LOVE that about it! While there were a few extra side stories, they weren't ones that I felt needed development. They could potentially be separate stories but the amount of information is perfect in the development in the Charlie/Cody story. There is one particular one involving Trevor's dad's Chicago trips that I suppose didn't need to be so strong. It would have been just as effective to have him too involved in work to care. (Trying to avoid a spoiler) 

If you like the What-is-she-gonna-do-next? books that you can't put down, Blindness is available February 25th on Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords, iBooks and Barnes & Noble! There will also be a giveaway right here on release day! If you aren't already a subscriber, enter your email on the right to get that post! (Don't forget to confirm)

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