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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book Review~ Purely Professional by Elia Winters

Title: Purely Professional
Author: Elia Winters
Genre: Erotica, Romance, BDSM
Release Date: 1/13/2014
Rating: 5 stars
Steam factor: 5/5

Bridget Hartwell is a columnist at a magazine called Sultry. In an effort to further her career with her new boss, Bridget agrees to write some "edgier" articles about BDSM. She already writes articles for women of a "sex-positive" nature but nothing like this. After being told she couldn't just Google such things by her best friend. Her best friend gets her an interview with an established dominant that is active in the BDSM scene. 

Bridget soon discovers that this mystery contact of her friend is none other than the neighbor she has a crush on! 

English Professor Max Harlow agrees to an interview with Bridget to help with her BDSM article. Max reveals that he has never been able to find a woman who meets his submissive needs in the bedroom as well as his everyday intellectual and relationship needs. Once the article becomes a hit, Bridget needs his help to continue with a new project. 

 As Max teaches Bridget all about what it means and feels like to be a submissive through hands-on training, Bridget discovers a side of herself that she can't deny, however hard she tries to...

There isn't a character in this book that I don't like! Even the "bulldog" new boss, Marcy! Bridget is a strong woman who knows what she wants (or what she thinks she wants) and is willing to give up having a man in her life to achieve it all. It was great to see her realize that it was okay to be submissive and that it didn't mean she was weak! Max is a college professor who was a nerd in high school and a late bloomer. He has had only one serious relationship that ended badly when he revealed his desire to explore his dominant side with her. This past experience makes Max hesitant to get attached to the inexperienced Bridget. I liked both Max and Bridget instantly! You could feel the chemistry between them before she even knew about his predilection. But once they started her "training" it was explosive! Bridget's best friend Helen is awesome and I would love to read more about her! She knows very well how Bridget feels about her neighbor before setting her up on a blind date/interview with him. I suspect she knew Bridget would be submissive and saw this as a perfect opportunity to let her explore it. I would give Helen the "best supporting character" award!

The book is well written with a story that flows nicely. Bridget and Max both develop at about the same pace. I love how Mrs. Winters shows them developing each other as well as the internal development going on with Bridget. The supporting characters are all crucial in the development of the main characters as well. There are no arbitrary people flitting about. 

This is a stand alone book! No cliffhanger. No "but, what happened with_____?".  Everything is clear and explained. The only thing I would like to explore further is Helen. I see her having a very interesting story! The detail in the intimate scenes is explicit. You are inside Bridget's mind, feeling what she feels. This book gets a 5/5 on the steam factor here! There is dirty talk, toys, spanking and public experiences. 

I can't wait to read more from Elia Winters! She is currently working on a steampunk erotic novel called Combustion! 

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*I was provided a copy of this book by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review

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