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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Book Review: Burn by Callie Hart (#3 in the Blood & Roses Series)

Title: Burn (#3 in the Blood & Roses Series)
Author: Callie Hart
Genre: Romance, Erotica, Dark Erotica, Suspense
Release Date: 5/22/2014
Related books: Deviant (FREE, book #1), Fracture (book #2)
Rating: 5 stars
Steam factor: 5/5 

*Warning: This book contains violence, sex, murder, prostitution and several other possible triggers. 

*Warning: This review contains possible spoilers to the first two books in this series! If you have not read Deviant or Fracture this review will reveal some of the plot twists in those books. I will NOT spoil anything from Burn! Please continue reading only if you are familiar with the series or do not mind knowing some surprises before reading.

In books 1 & 2 we learn that Sloane's sister was kidnapped. The sexy, killer (literally, he kills people), bad boy hero, Zeth is helping Sloane get her sister back. Sloane is a trauma doctor who was raised by a minister and traded her virginity for information on where her sister is. Oh and Zeth and Sloane are most likely falling for each other. Who am I kidding? It's a romance series, of course they are. 

Now that you are semi-caught up here is what happens in Burn. Well, I can't say much because the whole thing is full of action, surprises and sex. I don't want to spoil much. Burn picks up right where we left off in Fracture. Zeth and Sloane are in Julio's compound where they plan to rescue Sloane's sister, Alexis, during a sex party. Sloane is supposed to convince Julio that she is an escort there to join Zeth at the party. She tried... She stands up to Julio and he appears to accept that even though she is a doctor she could still be there for the party. 

Sloane gets together with "the girls" on the compound before the party. She is hoping to see Alexis but she isn't there. She learns there are 2 other girls that are away. Neither are named Alexis but Sloane suspects she is going by a different name. The girls are Julio's prostitutes that will help entertain the party guests.

The MC, Widow Makers, show up for the party. The president of the club is named Rebel. Rebel was supposed to be the one who got Sloane's virginity in book 1. Zeth knows this but Sloane does not. Rebel becomes an important character. I can't tell you how without ruining the whole book! But trust me, its good! 

Will Sloane find her sister? If she does, will Alexis be in the decrepit state she expects? Who is this Rebel guy? You will have to read to find out. I guarantee you that you want to find out!

Callie Hart has kept me on the edge of my seat since book 1. Burn (Book 3) is full of action, twists, turns and surprises. Then, there's the sex... HOT! Zeth is a crazy, kinky bastard. Miss Hart writes scenes that will have you screaming at your eReader, gasping in awe and ready for action. I found myself saying "He is NOT going to use that! Oh yes, he is!" out loud, more than once. 

There is a lot of things going on this series. Gangs, organized crime, motorcycle clubs, sex, spying, kidnapping and plot twists are all woven together like a delicate piece of lace. At the heart of it all is a love story. Sloane started as a virgin and morphs into a viper with an insatiable libido which matches that of her deviant lover. She is willing to do absolutely anything to find her sister. Zeth is a broken, hard shelled, tattooed badass with a past. He starts to soften a bit with Sloane as they spend more time together than he is used to. He is protective over her and is even amused with her at times. In Burn he admits that she confuses him. These characters grow at a perfect pace with the story. 

There is a slight cliffhanger. Something happens and you find out a tidbit of information but you are left wanting a full explanation. I cannot wait to get the next installment! If' I'm lucky I will get to an advanced copy again. 

I recommend this whole series to everyone! If you aren't afraid of some graphic wording and love dark, erotic subject matter, this is for you! If you haven't started this series yet, you must! The first installment, Deviant, is currently free. I give this book (and the series so far) 5/5 stars! And the steam factor is 5/5 as well!  

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I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. My opinions may differ from yours and that is OK.