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Monday, July 25, 2011

Easy Flower Hair Clip

smart summer button '11

We got a late start on our Smart Summer Challenge but this week is Forest Friendly week! We are getting in touch with nature!

Easy Flower Hair Clip

Any artificial flower you like
Hair clip
Hot glue 


Start by covering your hair clip with coordinating ribbon. You can use a ribbon that matches your flower or your hair color. Start on the inside of the clip under the top part. Then wrap around and over the top of the clip glueing as you go. Then glue to the top of the clip where you pinch it to open it. Glue the ribbon tucked inside the pinching part like it shows in the picture. Then around the bottom. Only go about 1/4 inch on the bottom to avoid the part you stick in your hair. If the ribbon is on the bottom of the clip it doesn't slide into your hair very well.

Now that your mechanics are hidden(ish), on to the flower. On the back of your flower there may be some plastic green leaves. Remove any plastic stuff from the bottom of your flower. That will leave a little bit of a stem sticking out. Cut off any protruding parts so the bottom of your flower is as flat as possible.

 Squeeze a nice big blob of hot glue on the center of the bottom of your flower. Make sure to get some in your stem, it is holding your flower together! Then place the top of your clip firmly on the glue covered flower center. Your clip will be upside down at this point.
Your finshed flower clip from the side. The top view is at the top of the page!

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