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Monday, July 25, 2011

Feather Hair Extension

smart summer button '11

We got a late start on our Smart Summer Challenge but this week is Forest Friendly week! We are getting in touch with nature!

Feather Hair "Extension"

Craft feathers, we used realistic but you could use colorful ones too
Embroidery floss
Quick drying tacky glue
Extension/wig clips

Start by cutting a piece of embroidery floss to the length of your hair plus 2-3 inches. Line up one end with the end of the feather you will be hanging it from. The end that would have been attached to the bird. Use a tiny bit of tacky glue along the spine of the feather about half an inch long to hold the string in place while you wrap the string around the feather. 

Holding the string and feather at the half inch mark between your thumb and finger, use the other hand to carefully wrap backward toward the feather tip, around the string and feather. The glue should still be tacky. This will help keep your wrapping in place too.

I used a hair clip to hold the wrapped string in place while the glue finished drying.  This only takes a few minutes with the quick drying glue. Use whatever you have on hand to hold it in place.  (Paperclip, bobby pin, chip clip, etc.)  

  After the glue has dried, tie a couple knots at the end of the feather to keep the string from unravelling. Make sure you tie around both the string and the feather tip.

 Thread the other end of the string through the hole on the extension clip and tie.
Finished with different options
One with brown string to blend in with our hair (the orange was too bright ;D) You can see it on the feather more though. One with white string isn't visible on the feather but could be seen through your hair. It's up to you which way you prefer. If you use brightly colored feathers you could use brightly colored string for a more funking extension. We were going for natural here but either would be fun!


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