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Monday, July 25, 2011

Footprint Keychain Craft

Footprint Keychain

This fathers day we made a footprint keychain. They turned out quite cute! If I do say so myself! This could be made with your childs hand or even their own artwork, for any occasion. Have fun and let your imagination be your guide! Please excuse the lack of photos, I was not planning to post this craft so I didn't take as many as I normally would.


Any shrinking craft plastic (ours was generic at Michaels)
plain paper
craft paint or ink pad
colored pencils (if your plastic didn't come with them)
a keyring
a large jump ring (found in the jewelery making section) or a smaller key ring
knife, pen, or hole punch to make a hole


  1. Using an ink pad or craft paint, make a print of your childs foot (or hand) Obviously this step can be skipped if you are using your childs drawing or something else. Let the ink/paint dry completely.
  2. Place the foot print (hand print or drawing, etc) under the shrink plastic and trace using colored pencils. The plastic I have came with them. Color in to your drawing. We also wrote the childs name and the year. Be sure to color on the correct side of the plastic. (mine had a matte side to color on, and wouldn't work if colored on the wrong side)
  3. Cut out your new drawing. Leave a small border around the edges of your drawing. We cut around the contour of the toes but you could certainly make an oval or rectangle. Using a craft knife, pen, hole punch etc, make a hole to attach the keyring to. We made it in the heel of the foot but, again, you could put in on the toe side if you choose. Keep in mind that the hole will also shrink quite a bit! Make it large enough to accommodate shrinkage. I learned this the hard way and tried to widen it before it cooled... unsuccessfully.
  4. Following your manufacturers directions, shrink your plastic drawing. (Mine took only 2-3 minutes) allow to cool completely.
  5. Guide the small key ring/large jump ring through the hole on your little foot (feet, hand[s] etc.) then through the larger key ring. Viola! You have a personalized keychain!


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