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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight Review ~ Dancing Deer Baking Co.

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About Dancing Deer
Dancing Deer Baking Co. bakes the MOST delicious goodies you lips will ever have the pleasure of touching! They bake fabulous treats from scratch using all natural ingredients and no preservatives! Do I have your attention now? They take pride in caring for our environment by making eco friendly choices in their packaging and production facilities as well as contributing to the community through the Sweet Home Project

Dancing Deer History
I have included some information from their website here but you can read the whole history HERE:
Incorporated in April 1994 to provide high quality, all-natural baked goods to accompany the growing market for gourmet coffee, we started out in a former pizza parlor on a busy street corner with a couple of convection ovens. Our specialty was cakes, sold primarily to cafes and restaurants. In 1996 we brought out a line of packaged consumer goods under the Dancing Deer label. Not long after that we opened the doors to passers by who demanded access and forced us in to having a small retail operation. We surprised ourselves, and a lot of other people, when we won the Food Industry's equivalent of the "Oscars" in 1997 for our Molasses Clove Cookie. That same year, a food writer from (no kidding) Hollywood arrived at our counter looking for directions. Before we could really comprehend what was happening, Dancing Deer was on national TV being touted as making the "best cake in America". 
I was given the EXTREME pleasure of testing this Be My Valentine Gift Medley
This is the photo from DancingDeer.com:
8 signature Molasses Clove cookies, 3 hand decorated buttery Vanilla Heart Cookies & 4 of the most amazing Chocolate Chunk Brownies I have ever tasted!

This is what I got:
A hand written note from Laura who I spoke with on the phone!
The "baked on" date card with storage instructions. No preservatives means eat or freeze! I have a feeling there will be none left to freeze!!!

The cute box! Ready to be unwrapped!

After taking off the ribbon...

The treasure I found! Decadent brownies, packaged neatly,
Soft spicy Molasses Clove cookies and 
Individually wrapped buttery vanilla cookies! 

 A blurry view of the generous size of the signature Dancing Deer Molasses Clove cookie!

 My absolute favorite Brownie Food Everything! As big as my hand!

Another large, crispy, buttery delicious vanilla cookie!

The Verdict
AMAZING! These are the best brownies I have ever tasted! Hubby agrees! There were 4 brownies in this package and 3 of us eating them... There may have been a scuffle over the last one, and I won't name names but hair pulling was not allowed! OK maybe it didn't go that far, but Mommy won! Of course!
The molasses clove cookies were soft and scrumptious! If you are a fan of gingerbread cookies this one is for you! These just melt in your mouth!
The Vanilla cookies were delicious too. If you like shortbread cookies you will love these. They are buttery and have a delightful crunch. The sugar crystals add even more to the crunch.

Where can you buy them?
You can buy Dancing Deer Baking Co. in a variety of natural food stores. You can find one near you HERE!
And of course you can buy them online for yourself or have them delivered to a special someone!

Check out Dancing Deer Baking Co. on Facebook! There is a 20% off coupon for fans!

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I received a sample in exchange for my review. I was compensated in no other way. The opinions here are 100% mine. I am under no obligation to give a positive review.

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