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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Greeting cards are old news! Send a Flying Card for Any Occasion!

     If you are planning to send a card for any reason... STOP! This Easter you could Send A Flying Card! A flying card is actually a Frisbee that flies right into your mailbox! No box, No envelope! I just opened up my mailbox and there it was! Complete with the header from What Mommy Wants!

     Amber's Easter basket this year will be filled with items to promote being more active! I have included a jump rope, basketball and a few other outdoor activities! If you can't send a whole basket this year or were thinking of sending someone a card THINK AGAIN! Sending a flying card costs $9.99 which includes shipping! If you think about how much you would spend on a small basket full of sugar or a card and the postage, you could save a lot of money! This is really a gift that keeps giving! A super fun surprise in the mailbox and more fun will be had later!

     You can have your own image printed on it (like my blog header above) or one of their stock images with no additional cost!

Your message could say "Happy Easter Bobby, Emma & Janette! Love Nana & Papa" (send one card to many children, they will all love playing with it together!)

My Experience
I opened the mailbox and saw a great surprise! My daughter and I were giddy when we say it and Charlotte loves trying to throw it around (so do the dogs). It is very easy to order! The plastic is FDA food grade polypropylene plastic, which makes me feel a little better about Charlotte gnawing on it from time to time. 
Bottomline: I will definitely be sending a flying card in the near future!

  • Order your Flying Card today to make sure it gets there for Easter! It takes 2-9 days!
  • Become a fan on Facebook & Twitter for announcements, deals and giveaways!
  • You can use them for ANY occasion! Here is a great list of ideas.
  • I signed up for their mailing list too! If you do, you can get a free magnet! Let them know What Mommy Wants sent you! Just put your email in the box on the bottom of the FAQ page!

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