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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Picasso Hair Feathers Review! Cruelty Free!

Have you been wanting those cool hair feathers that all the celebrities are wearing? I have a fantastic cruelty free alternative to share with you!

Picasso Hair Feathers are reusable feather hair extensions that are super easy to attach to your hair and last for weeks!

Check out my video review and tutorial:

I also got another pack so I would have green feathers for St. Patrick's Day! In my video I showed how I like to style them but you can see more ways to style hair feathers on the Picasso website!

A 5 pack of hair feathers costs as low as $19.99 which is fantastic since you can reuse them! There is also free shipping to US and Canada!

Check them out on Facebook and Twitter for exclusive deals and coupons. If you do, please let them know I said Hi!

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