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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Precocious Preteen Grand Prize Sponsor Spotlight~ Libre Tea

To celebrate Amber's 12th Birthday, I have gathered 12 items that she loves and will putting them all in one package as the grand prize in the "Precocious Preteen Giveaway Hop"! You will be seeing 12 Sponsor Spotlights for this event and on April 24th, Amber's Birthday, I will post the Grand Prize giveaway which will include a linky to several other giveaways in this hop!
Grand Prize item #1

Libre Tea
Amber has matured her taste to start drinking hot tea so I thought this tea glass from Libre Tea is perfect for her! She is old enough now to start having her own Tea Moments
The Libre Tea Glass is double walled, the inside wall is glass and the outside wall is poly carbonate, making it virtually indestructible! There are 2 screw on tops one contains the mesh strainer. 

There are 2 ways to steep your loose leaf tea! 
For limited steep times you will place your tea in the strainer between it and the cap, fill your cup with hot (almost boiling water) place the assembled caps on the glass and turn it upside down for the amount of time recommended to steep your tea. Then remove the screen and discard the steeped tea (some stronger teas can be brewed more than once) you can then replace only the top cap to take on the go.
For unlimited steep times you can just put the tea in with the water to brew and drink with the strainer on the glass to keep the loose tea in the glass and out of your mouth. Here is a quick video on how to make tea made by the owner of Libre Tea so you can see it in action! 
A few quick tips:
If your water is too hot 2 things can happen: 
1- it can scorch some of the more delicate teas and it will taste bitter or burnt
2- it will release steam putting pressure on the lid(s) which may cause leaks!
(So I would recommend letting boiling water cool slightly before putting the lid on) 
The Libre Tea Glass Should NOT go in the microwave or dishwasher!!!

We reviewed the 9 oz. glass n' poly glass, there is also a lager version of this glass in a 14 oz. and a mug version that holds 10 oz!
Our Experience:
We found the Libre Tea Glass very easy to use! There were no leaks with either of the "lids". Tea was kept hot for around an hour!  We weren't able to test it's durability since there were no drops...so far.
Overall I would recommend the Libre Tea Glass for anyone who likes to drink loose leaf tea on the go!

Connect with Libre Tea:
You can purchase Libre Tea Glasses online or find a retailer near you!
Libre Tea is also on Facebook and Twitter!

The Giveaway & Bonus Entry Option!
As part of the Precocious Preteen Giveaway Event one lucky reader will win the whole package! The package will contain this Libre Tea Glass and 11 other fantastic prizes! To get a head start on the party you can get an extra entry by commenting on this post! Please tell me what you will like best about the Libre Tea Glass, if you already have one what you do like about it OR if you have ever tried loose leaf tea! I will manually enter your bonus entries into the Rafflecopter form! 

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  1. I have the Libretto and just love it! I just toss tea leaves in when I am leaving the house in the morning and I am set for the day.

  2. Im trying to drink more tea and i think that this would help me on that since i can take it with me


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