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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Cleaning Challenge! Preteen's Bathroom!

Have you heard? It's Spring! Time for spring cleaning! Yay! There is a challenge going on at The Finer Things In Life where you can win prizes!

I am challenging myself to clean out under the bathroom sink in Amber's bathroom!


Step 1. Stop yelling at Amber for being so messy!
Step 2. Take everything out and load up the trash can!!!
Step 3. Supplies: I went to my favorite store, Dollar Tree! I thought I would be getting stackable plastic bins. I had gotten them for my bathroom in our old house and thought they would still be there... wrong! BUT they had these stackable baskets instead:

Much better than the plastic ones!

 They also had this vinyl liner (non-adhesive)

Step 4: Wipe out the bottom of the area and dry thoroughly before laying down the liner. Not only is the liner pretty, it will also help keep our bins in place and help any bottles stay upright.
Step 5: Arrange the bins in a way that works around the pipes and for the space provided. I tried to put a space between the bins to create rows for tall bottles to also help keep them from falling over.
Step 6: Place the remaining items in your new organized system!
What are your spring cleaning goals?

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